Here Be Bears! Whether by air charter or Via Rail, organized polar bear tour,tundra buggy, or your own itinerary, Churchill Manitoba is truly
         the polar bear capital of the world. Churchill is the ideal place to see and photograph Ice Bears in their natural habitat on the shores of Hudson Bay,Canada.

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Churchill Manitoba polar bear art

Churchill Manitoba polar bear artist

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Churchill Manitoba polar bear artist

I am a 46 year old Northern Artist. I have been involved with the visual arts for most of my adult life and have been earning my living as a full time professional artist since 1990. I specialize in carvings, jewelry, and glass work and mainly in a Northern Canadian wildlife theme.

I initially moved into the North with the Hudsons Bay Co. in 1987 Working mostly around James Bay and Northern Quebec. I left the employ of the Northwest Co. (Northern Stores) in 1990, but stayed on in the north, my main source of both raw material and artistic inspiration.